Why DNR Diamonds?



    •  DNR Diamonds deals with an enormous range of diamonds in all shapes, ranging from .50 carat and up.
    •  Online stock search that are updated daily. Our customers can also link our stock database to their websites at no costs with a mark up.
    •  Budget focused search -- Have a specific call? Just give us your budget and we will search throughout our stock and overnight to you options that match your  requirements and budget.



    •  Competitive pricing; wholesale prices up to 60% off the Rapaport list.
    •  We accept any payment method -- checks, money orders, bank transfers, and wires.
    • Up to 120 days payment terms.
    • Package deals and custom purchase contracts at additional discounts.




    • Free Overnight Shipping via USPS Express Mail.
    •  Diamond purchases from customers -- We make offers on any diamonds .75-20ct, mounted or loose in any color, clarity or cut and in all conditions. We provide plenty of references and send payments overnight.
    •  Diamond certification and duplicates, jewelry settings and repairs and diamond appraisals with no brokerage fee. 





    •  Excellent customer service representatives that will answer all of your customer needs.
    •  We provide the most accurate descriptions to all our items.
    •   We respond to all requests in a timely manner to ensure your customer satisfaction.